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Detroit Reman transmission remanufacturing capabilities include automotive, medium and heavy duty. We have experience in developing manual, automated manual and automatic transmission remanufacturing programs. Extensive component inspection, qualification and recovery techniques are utilized. Transmissions are assembled with dedicated gauging utilizing a documented and controlled ISO 9001 certified process. Sophisticated end-of-line computer controlled dynamometer testing ensures optimum performance.


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The Process

  • Transmissions are completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned
  • Specialized cleaning techniques for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • All key components are carefully inspected, measured, and qualified
  • Magnetic particle inspection and dye penetrant techniques utilized 
  • Unique recovery techniques are utilized to restore components 
  • Wear items such as bearings, bushings, synchronizers, and seals are replaced
  • Units are assembled with dedicated tooling, fixtures and gauging
  • Units are pressure tested with a calibrated leak decay process  
  • All transmissions are functionally tested on custom-built dynamometers to ensure each unit performs to defined specifications
  • NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) utilized for validation testing
  • Data retention and performance monitoring  
  • Reman units are shipped in specialized containers designed for product and core protection 

The Industry Standard.

Detroit Reman has the expertise to develop a wide range of transmission programs to meet specific customer's’ requirements. This experience and transmission remanufacturing competency spans automotive, vocational, and heavy duty applications. From supporting original equipment manufacturers’ programs to expanding aftermarket product portfolios, Detroit Reman is known for developing remanufacturing programs that set industry standards.


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