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Reman Axles / Carriers.

Axles / Carriers

Tailored Solutions.

Axles / Carriers

Detroit offers remanufactured and new manufacturing options for axles and carriers in both medium and heavy duty applications. We have 15+ years of proven remanufacturing experience and know-how to create a tailored solution for your aftermarket needs.


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Proven Reman Experience

  • Axles and Axle Carriers are completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned
  • Specialized cleaning techniques for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • All key components are carefully inspected, measured, and qualified
  • Magnetic particle inspection and dye penetrant techniques utilized 
  • Unique recovery techniques are utilized to restore components 
  • Wear items such as bearings, bushings, and seals are replaced
  • Units are assembled with dedicated tooling, fixtures and gauging

Our Product Portfolio Includes: