how it works

How It Works.

The Reman Process.


– 01 –

Disassembly & Inspection

The used, failed, or returned material to be reclaimed (“cores” as we call them) are carefully disassembled using proven techniques to prevent damage and maximize core recovery. Cores are the supply line for remanufacturing. For a manufacturer to have a successful remanufactured parts program, it must have a steady supply of cores returned.


– 02 –

Parts Recovery

Salvageable parts with minimal to no wear or damage that meet quality standards are cleaned and requalified for reuse in final assembly. Parts that have worn or been damaged are reconditioned to meet rigid specifications using the best recovery method for the job. Our recovery processes have been validated by engineers using extensive metallurgical analyses, long-term durability testing, and field testing.


– 03 –


The next step in the manufacturing process replicates the original assembly process. The recovered parts are placed on an assembly line along with the required new components.


– 04 –

Quality Testing

Precision measuring equipment is utilized for final verification of critical dimensions to assure parts have been recovered to original tolerances. Once assembled, the unit is fully tested using the same quality tests as new parts.