Reman FAQs.

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Why would I choose a remanufactured product over a new product for my contract manufacturing needs?

Cost savings. Remanufactured parts offer the same quality, reliability and durability as a new part but cost less. Our Process

What is the difference between a rebuilt part and a remanufactured part?

A rebuild is simply a fix of what is broken. The part is disassembled and inspected only to the degree that it is necessary to find and repair or replace what is broken. A remanufactured part is totally disassembled or dismantled; completely cleaned and inspected, repaired, re-machined to meet OE specifications and also incorporates engineering upgrades. Key Benefits

Does the fact that Detroit Reman has state-of-the-art recovery technology increase the cost of doing business with Detroit Reman?

No. In fact, the opposite is true. Our advanced technologies improve the efficiency of Detroit Reman’s recovery capabilities in the remanufacturing process which allows Detroit Reman to be competitive in the market.

What about cores and managing them?

Cores are the supply line for remanufacturing. For a manufacturer to have a successful remanufactured parts program, it must have a steady supply of cores returned. Detroit Reman can develop a customized core management program for your project.