Why Detroit Reman.

Capable Facilities.

Detroit Reman's six production facilities, located across the US and in Mexico, bring diverse experiences and constantly expanding capabilities that result in expert craftsmanship and innovative restoration processes.  Our employees have a strong “Can Do” culture that contributed to Detroit Reman being named the 2015 "Heavy Duty Remanufacturer of the Year" by the Heavy Duty Remanufacturing Group of the Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association.  

Global Experience.

Detroit Reman is able to leverage Daimler’s global knowledge base and expertise as the world’s top luxury car and commercial vehicle manufacturer to develop high value aftermarket solutions.  

State of the art Recovery tech.

Detroit Reman is a leader in state of the art advanced recovery technologies that reduce fallout rates.  Using these technologies it is possible to first rebuild the metal surfaces and then machine them to original factory tolerances.

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High Quality Guaranteed.

Detroit Reman is able to nationally guarantee the highest quality because it:

  • Completely disassembles components to their sub- assemblies for inspection and cleaning
  • Subjects components to rigorous functional testing and thorough inspection to assure quality
  • Incorporates the most advanced engineering updates to truly remanufacture the component (not a repair, a rebuild or an overhaul)



Competitive Pricing.

Lean Processes allow Detroit Reman to offer competitively priced solutions.

  • Our engineers and shop floor employees continually work to find additional sub component recoveries to reduce material costs
  • Lean Processes are applied through visual management and plant reporting cadence as well as LEAN coaching resulting in Labor Cost improvements

What Detroit Does For You.

  • DDR offers you secure handling of product engineering to protect intellectual property
  • DDR provides value added services - From engineering evaluation to packaging and shipping your finished product we have the experience and capability to manage all aspects of potential reman programs. 
  • DDR does not compete with you by selling into your aftermarket.
  • DDR places the highest priority on the safety of its employees in their workplace.