quality assurance

Quality Assurance.

OEM Spec Durability.

Detroit Reman is able to fully back its products with competitive warranties because it restores components to their original performance, reliability and durability potential.  Detroit Reman warranty is designed to protect end-user investment and dealer liability.

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  • Each component is completely disassembled to its core sub-assemblies and subjected to rigorous functional testing and thorough inspection to assure quality.
  • Detroit Reman uses 100% genuine Detroit parts in the remanufacturing process.
  • Every one of Detroit Reman's 6 remanufacturing facilities is ISO 9001:2008 certified.  All remanufacturing operations are documented and controlled. 
  • Detroit Reman uses the latest engineering specifications and processes, making our products more than a repair, a rebuild, or an overhaul.
  • Unlike independent remanufacturers, Detroit Reman has access to confidential proprietary information needed to remanufacture.

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