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Reman Solution Example.


Fortune 500 Client

A Fortune 500 client’s remanufactured products range from engines, drivetrain components, electronics and engine components including crankshafts, cylinder heads and turbochargers.  They know that remanufacturing reduces downtime by providing an exchange component and savings of 25-30% compared to a new component.  They provide their customers with excellent products backed by competitive, nationwide guarantees. 

Deteriorating quality of turbocharger cores caused an unplanned increase in core fall out rates.  The Client turned to DDR because its unmatched capability of recovering turbocharger compressor and turbine wheels.  The results were higher recovery rates, lower costs and a superior product that met our Client’s demanding expectations.



Fortune 500 Client

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of large diesel engines and complete propulsion systems, our Client’s core products are used in a broad range of applications, from mine haul trucks, military vehicles and marine vessels to hospitals, data centers and universities.   They’ve built a reputation for performance and reliability by offering first-class service and a tradition of excellence to customers all over the world.

Our client relies upon us for our long standing expertise and technical competence to produce their 2 cycle engine line.  They have also chosen Detroit Reman to produce its remanufactured off-highway engines because of our flexible production capacity, exacting standards and ability to support unique applications.

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