Core Management Programs.

Custom Core Management.

Detroit Reman offers customized programs to manage your customer’s failed or returned material to be reclaimed (or “cores” as we call them).  Our services can be as simple as managing logistics and core storage to advising on methods to evaluate core quality, assign core value and core deposits.  We will help you evaluate:

Core Policies

Core Policies

  • Core charge vs penalty
  • Core charge on new parts
  • Core charge pricing
  • Core return eligibility
  • Dealer chargeback penalties
  • Core return for warranty repairs
  • Freight charges
Core Processes

Core Processes

  • Reverse logistics
  • Core inspection & processes
  • Core valuation & accounting
  • Core tracking systems
Core Planning

Core Planning

  • Core ownership & responsibility
  • Core inventory planning
  • Core seeding and acquisition
  • Core disposition and disposal