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Contract Reman.

Aftermarket Recaptured.

Many manufacturers are beginning to consider the full lifecycle of their products.  Within the Commercial Vehicle market, heavy duty trucks last 35 years and have several owners.  The question is how to reach the subsequent owners through OEM dealers that are focused on supporting their new truck customers.  Price sensitive second and third owners prefer to repair their vehicles themselves or at independent repair shops. They buy imported value priced parts through wholesale distributors. 


Whether you produce class 8 trucks, farm tractors, construction and mining equipment or motor vehicle parts, remanufacturing allows you to recapture your aftermarket by providing the second and third owners with better prices, competitive nationwide guarantees and performance and quality comparable to new OEM components. 

Protect Your Aftermarket.

Detroit Reman recognized early on the need to provide a value solution for its aftermarket customers.  So, for 51 years, Detroit Reman has offered a full product line of remanufactured parts under the Detroit Genuine Parts brand and remanufactured engines branded Detroit Reman.

Our contract reman customers have chosen to protect their aftermarket by leveraging Detroit Reman’s:

  • Extensive production facilities and flexible manufacturing capabilities
  • Skilled employees
  • State of the art recovery technologies
  • Efficient and cost effective core consolidation processes

We recognize that our contract reman customer’s needs are unique.  Consequently, each customer receives dedicated and expert support from one of our Key Account Managers.  Your Key Account Manager will be the “go-to” person for all of your needs and will provide support through each step of the process to ensure you realize your business goals.  

Industries Served.

Detroit Reman currently supports clients in the Commercial vehicle, Heavy Duty Equipment and Off Road, Motor Vehicle Parts and Agriculture industries. We have the skills and capabilities to provide remanufacturing solutions to manufacturers in other industrial segments.  Call us to see if we can tailor a solution to fit your requirements.

Lean Forward

In 2016 we launched LEAN Forward, a customer centered program to reduce cost and improve delivery and quality through visual management/plant reporting cadence and LEAN coaching.  As a Contract Reman customer, you benefit from our application of applied customer focused LEAN principals and processes throughout our six manufacturing facilities. 

  • The elimination of inefficiency and waste
  • Greater productivity and throughput
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Smoother operations


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