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Restore the Power.

Recapture the Value.

Understanding the Remanufacturing Process.

Disassembly & Inspection

The unit is completely disassembled to its core assemblies. Unsalvageable parts that do not meet our core quality guidelines are scrapped. 

Parts Recovery

Parts Recovery

Parts that have worn or been damaged are reconditioned to meet rigid specifications using the best recovery method for the job. Our recovery processes have been validated by engineers using extensive metallurgical analyses, long-term durability testing, and field testing.

Reman Process

Assembly Lines

The next step in the manufacturing process replicates the original assembly process. The recovered parts are placed on an assembly line along with the required new components.

Reman Process

Quality Testing

Precision measuring equipment is utilized for final verification of critical dimensions to assure parts have been recovered to original tolerances. Once assembled, the unit is fully tested using the same quality tests for new parts.


Discover the Value of Remanufacturing.

Some things you have to see to believe. At Detroit Reman, we want our customers to understand the passion behind what we do. We believe that the best way to do that is by visiting one of our facilities and experiencing our process first-hand.

The Detroit Reman Product Portfolio




Axles / Carriers


Fuel Systems


Other Engine Components

The Benefits of Remanufacturing.

Detroit Reman's experience and expertise in the remanufacturing technology and process provide key benefits for OEM's including:
  • Off-shelf components increase productivity and decrease down time

  • Process includes latest technology and engineering standards

  • Operational testing back to manufacturers specs

  • 100% Disassembly and inspection of every remanufactured part

  • Billing and core credits are handled promptly through the Detroit Reman System

Key Benefits